Important points to remember while creating Shared members
   1. Shared Member and the associated stored member should be in the same dimension.
   2. Stored members should always be above their associated members in the Outline
   3. Shared member has to be a level 0 member
       The associated member can be at any level in the hierarchy
   4. Shared Members will not increase database Size
   5. There is no limit for the shared members with the same name
   6. You cannot associate UDA's, formulaes

Exclude from consolidation just skips from getting its value consolidated to the parent. But the member value across other dimensions getting consolidated to a higher level 

Where as Never Consolidate prevents the member from getting consolidated across other dimensions.
Actual           Monthly downloaded value from the actual financial results
Budget         Data for Setting Standards from the annual Planning process
Forecast      Estimates of Financial Performance updated monthly or quarterly
Fiscal Year Single Type Time Dimension


In this design, the lev

Generic Time design with two dimensions
---------- FY05
---------- FY06

 Aggregate Storage Option
         1.    If you business model or the outline needs more than 10 dimensions;

         2.    If you need large dimensions in the outline (Total count of members in a dimension is large)
  Block Storage Option 
         1.    If you need to use calculation scripts to calculate
         2.    If you need complete writeback option and to facilitate users to allocate data at upper levels. 
If a data value does not exist for a unique combination of members, Essbase gives the combination a value of #MISSING. A #MISSING value is different from a zero (0) value. Therefore, Essbase treats #MISSING values differently from 0 values.

The following link shows how Essbase calculates #MISSING values. 

One database per BSO application is recommended because of the below reasons. We need to understand that essbase logs messages at application level. It doesn't log the processes at database level 

1.          If multiple databases are present in a single application all the databases log is spooled in to a single log file and
             is difficult to spill out a particular database log.

2.          If a user terminates or kills one application process, all the databases will be unavailable in that particular application

Now a Planning resource guys lifts his hand up and says, How come we have 3 plan types in Planning which creates 3 different database in a single Essbase application. Coming to that point, We do have some exceptions of this rule for Planning and Currency applications. 

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