Wow!! Blogging has been made so easy and beautiful. Thanks to Weebly. I always thought of expressing my views and opinions on the net using many blogging tools, yet ended up using all blog providers having a clumsy look with Ads and limited space on the entire page. I don't even understand why only a quarter of the web page is been provided and other three quarters are not even being used. Strange!!. People say it for the advertisements which make the site owners pocket fill, but I don't think even the site owner will not be interested in making money expressing his thoughts. Anyhow I feel comfortable for finding a blogging site on my own. 

Finally What I say is, this is an awesome blogging site to share information. There are many features to explore.

Happy Blogging Guys!!


24/06/2011 10:00pm

Hey Mahesh you have proved that you are an allrounder.Your first blog makes me understand that you are not a beginner.Such a nice blog


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