Wishing my sister a great life and future ahead.

Today, is the day,when all my family members say it as a lucky day for our family. My Dad still believes that she is lucky for him. My mom pours her entire love on this little being for the entire day. Yes it is the arrival of my little sister Mamatha into our family. Its her birthday. We proudly say that she is our lucky mascot. 

Many Many Happy returns of the Day, Mamatha!! I wish you a wonderful life ahead.

Hmm.. What to say!!! Ok I should be polite and sweet to her on her birthday...but...Siblings always fight for something or other.
Let me remember a day, when we fought each other.Yes!! ... we use to quarrel for TV, school bags, new books and even at food. As usual my mom prepares some sweet dishes on each of our birthday. We generally don't celebrate our birthdays. So no cake cutting etc., Yeah, she doesn't like sweets at all but me ha ha I like them lot..My mom prepares more sweets and dishes on her birthday.. This is the point where the fight begins between us. This generally becomes big and reaches my dad. As told before, since my dad considers her as lucky, he wouldn't say NO on her birthday. She gets all her wishes fulfilled from her father on this day. This makes me sit with mom and say..." Amma!!! Mera number kab aayega?"  ..Sweet Memories!!!

Though I am elder to her, she behaves as she is elder to me in the  family and takes care of our family members. Such a dynamic lady in our entire family have supported me in many of my troubles. When our Family stand beside us and support you in all the times of the life, What else more we need.. 

Once again Mamatha, Wish you a Happy Birthday,



29/06/2011 4:01pm

Anaya many thanks for this wonderful gift .am so happy.

29/06/2011 4:15pm

anaya really wonderful.once by seeing this i recalled my happiest childhood with our family especially you. with this memorable and lovely gift i able to see my past life of 22 years in a single minute. i hope any precious,luxurious gifts which value some cost are very cheaper and silly than this lovely message r greetings for me.

though i am not good in language like u i hope u forgive me for having any mistakes above and bless me.thanq good luck

29/06/2011 5:19pm

hi mahesh iam swetha,its really wounderful.ifelt as if every thing happend in front of my eyes,ifelt like having one brother but its ok ihd sister.Really ur sister is very lucky to have brother like u,definetly ur sister will have a great future and hope u both fighting on every birthday.. and u vl eat many sweets on that day.last but not least i wish ur sister many many happy returns of the day

guess me
30/06/2011 4:15pm

many wounderful feelings r splashing me right now, really u r a great sibling...........................................................
luky Mamatha.


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