Memorable!!! Staying together for 3 years in the college, we did every nasty thing together, bunked classes together, fought and played among us, made fun of each other...and many more. Those were and will be the most unforgettable days in my life.

For most of us, many people come into life as strangers and you don't even know they will be your best friends forever. These are my friends whom I have shared most of my troubles, fun and happiness. They stood with me in hard times and supported me. 

Let me have the honor of introducing my best buddies here in the photograph. Starting with the seating ones from the right!
Ravi, Sudheer, Sridhar and standing one is myself. This is our memorable day together after three long years. We met each other separately, but we couldn't  make a joint meet  together. But this weekend was a happy weekend, since we talked among us and made fun of ourselves. We all are settled in four different places of the country after graduation. Ravi pursued higher studies, Sudheer moved to Mysore, Sridhar got placed in Noida and me in Bangalore. Nothing could stop us to talk at any time. Sudheer is a bit emotional type guy among us. He literally cried when he was attending training alone in mysore. We used to chat often and talk to get to know whats happening around...

Ravi, I know you have advised me many times and helped me alot. I will never forget the help I got from you. You are rocking. You have a different perception of life and I admire it to the most. 

Sridhar, You are the ultracool, smart hero among us, but yet dont have any girlfriends. Poor guy! ....Osei, though you always make fun of sudheer and me, we like you dude...

Coming to a 25 year old kid in our team, Sudheer, this dude used to be much heavier than me in college. Now look at the photograph, he reduced his weight by 50% on his own. And you all should know the reason why?.... Not for a girl friend or for  inconvenience in normal day life. The answer is he wants to wear good T shirts and Jeans which were available only at small size waist than his. But finally he achieved it.

Guys!!! I really miss you all. Really I am attached to you and your friendship.I haven't said these to you in the college or till now, because I know when I say this you would definitely say "Overacting bandh karo"? :) But still that the truth from my Heart.

All the Best Guys!!

Yours Balla


guess me
29/06/2011 11:07pm

its is fantastic. i really miss u man.


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